About Alrabiah Group

Abdul Rahman Alrabiah & Sons Group Holding is one of saudi arabia's oldest and largest business entities.
It's one of the leading corporations in the state, with several divisions across a wide range of industries.

The Abdulrahman A Alrabiah & Sons Group (Alrabiah Group) was originated on the basis of consistent efforts of the Founder Dr. Abdulrahman Alrabiah, his foresight and vision had established varied business organizations working for more than 25 years, ranging from Engineering, Trading, Contracting & Technical related services. It is with immense pleasure and profound gratitude; Alrabiah Group of companies are pleased to proclaim that our growth would not have been possible in the Saudi market without the support and cooperation of our existing client network. The growth that Alrabiah Group of companies achieved throughout the years one after the other give us momentum for collective effort to grow more and achieve greater business targets, through our professional staff & hard work.

In this context, the founder foresee wider growth spectrum ahead and emphasize the need to have unified identical group for all the activities that are owned by his family, to centralize and provide better service under an umbrella "Alrabiah Group". The owners of this family Group has simultaneously further expands the activities of Alrabiah Group and currently, Alrabiah Group offers a variety of products & services portfolio by providing services in the following different fields i.e. Engineering Consultancy, EPC Contracting, Trading & Technical Services, Retail Franchising, Real Estate and Private Investments.

Alrabiah Group do Engineering Consultancy through Alrabiah Consulting Engineers (ARE), it is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting engineering firm has the capability & expertise in Industrial facilities, Buildings, Electrical & Mechanical Utilities, Infrastructures, Project Management & Site Supervision. Also provide specialized services in Risk Management, Fire Protection & Life Safety Engineering & Marine etc.

The EPC contracting division of the Alrabiah Group has been contributing to Saudi Arabia's industrial sector with reliable, multi-dimensional construction services through partnership and joint ventures with international companies. It has established itself as the contractor of choice for a range of esteemed. The range of solutions provided by the contracting division include the following Electro-Mechanical ( EPC) Services; Central Production Facilities; Gas Plants; Refineries; Storage Terminals; Pipelines; Processing & Petrochemical Plants. The contracting division has full association with Pyramid E&C that have offices in India, UAE, USA, UK, Oman and Kuwait. The trading division of Alrabiah Group has been working in Saudi Arabia since 1988, with a principal aim of providing quality materials, equipment and services to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power industrial sectors. Our trading division's range of supplies are: Industrial Machinery / Equipment and Spares; Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders, Pumps & accessories; Measuring & Control Instruments, Optical sensor technology devices for sub-sea inspection & imaging; Technical Services. The Retail Franchising division of Alrabiah Group is in the process of collaborating with international companies with reputable brands of products & services in the international market. The main areas of focus are: Food & Beverages; Confectionery (incl. Chocolate Gift items); Home Textiles & Personal wears. The Real Estate & private investment division of Alrabiah Group provides brokerage & agency services for buying & selling Real Estate through our relationships & knowledge in the existing local market. We do our investments for real estate and private investment through the biggest and prestigious investment houses, banks and financial institutes etc. we also do private & public Equity investments.

All above services we are providing through our offices in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah and Yanbu. The Group capabilities is based on technical knowledge and rich human capital combining the local Saudi professional expertise and international experience can cater for every need in construction, operation and maintenance of technically demanding projects and continue supply of required goods and services on a timely manner to the satisfaction of client network.

To provide the highest standards, for services and products, in all segments of our clients.

To expand & earn the privilege of being the top choice for all clients & business partners through our efficiency, goal orientation,heterogeneous management, entrepreneurship & workmanship.