Retail Franchising

The Alrabiah Group offers a variety of products & services portfolio with merged experience of more than 25 years, by providing services in the following different fields i.e. Engineering Consultancy, Trading, Contracting & Technical Services, Retail Franchising, RealEstateandPrivateInvestments.
For Retail Franchising, we are in the process of collaborating with international companies (manufacturers, wholesalers, or service sponsors) with reputable brands of products & services in the international market. Our aim is to offer the same standard of products & services through local franchise outlets in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Currently our focus is in the following fields:
Food & Beverages;
Confectionery (incl. Chocolate Gift items);
House Textiles and Personal Wears
We don’t compromise …………………………..
……….. Always Franchise the Quality
To meet or exceed the needs of our customers