Real Estate & Private Investment

Real estate business is flourishing in & out of Saudi Arabia and we are also part of different types of properties in prime locations of major cities around the world. We provide brokerage & agency services for buying & selling Real Estate through our relationships & knowledge in the existing local market.
Our Participation in different types of funds for real estate and private investment opportunities is directly or indirectly through the biggest and prestigious investment houses, banks and / or other financial institutions, after completing our thorough feasibility reviews.
Through our strategically analyzed Capital market review, we do Private Equity (incl. Venture Equity) investment in all developmental stages of a company’s life cycle for its permanent valuable growth, or go for buyouts. However, we also do Public Equity investments through the Saudi Stock market.

Investment Causes Growth ………………….
But it is also true that growth causes investment.

Investment is like a newly planted tree…
….When it matures, it becomes a tree providing shade.